about Karen Freeman’s art

A man writing about his wife’s creative process. She wanted to call the blog, “The Reluctant Chronicleur.” That wasn’t going to happen. I wrote the first post, and it concluded with the metaphor of her paintbrush jar’s gray water representing several things we’re going through as a couple and she’s going through as an artist.

Karen headshot

Karen Freeman. Artist, mom, Texan. Living in New York City with my husband, three sons, and way too many ideas for one little apartment.

Yet, the URLs with “Gray Water” and even “Grey Water” (English spelling of the word) were already taken on WordPress. The blog owners hadn’t posted since 2009 and 2006 respectively. Karen claimed that this was a good reason not to use that URL. Apparently, it kills creativity.

So, reluctantly, but convinced that this compromise would bring a karmic reward, I’ve claimed the URL with her idea and the title with mine.

Karen and husband, Howard, can be reached at rollingzebrastudios (at) gmail (dot) com.

Or you can see a small selection of her artwork currently for sale on her website by clicking here.

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